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Presented by Valerie Grosso RDN, METS, Founder of Innovative Nutrition Group

The Diabetes Health Formula
Discover the 4-Step Formula my clients are using to naturally normalize
 blood sugar and improve health risks associated with type 2 diabetes. 

FREE Online Training 
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In this FREE training you’ll discover:

  • ​An unexpected NEW strategy to normalizing blood sugar, losing weight, and reducing medications without dieting or exercise.
  • 4 discoveries that help my clients prevent, repair, and reverse long-term complications of diabetes.
  • Why following the “old way” of managing blood sugar does not work (and overtime makes it worse).
  • ​How focusing on high blood sugar ignores the real root cause.
What my clients are saying...
  • ​“I can’t believe my eyes! I haven’t had normal blood sugar readings for years” - Leslie 
  • ​“This has been the best experience. I feel great and can finally fit into my skinny jeans” - Dorothy 
  •  “Valerie changed my life. I no longer need diabetes medicine and my joint pain is gone” - Betty 
  •  “Don’t wait! You probably don’t know how great you can feel. The program is awesome” - Tom 
  • ​“Valerie helped me get my life back. I have a new health freedom, and endless energy” - Bonnie 
About your host
My name is Valerie Grosso RDN, METS
I am the most unique Dietitian you will ever encounter. As founder of Innovative Nutrition Group, I’ve spent years coaching clients to tap into their courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of challenges. I do everything in my power to make sure my clients achieve exceptional health by thinking differently, challenging the status quo of nutrition, and adopting proven, sustainable lifestyle habits.  

Congratulations on stepping up to the starting line! This is the first and most important step of any journey…while many people have given up and watch their health deteriorate from the side line…obviously, you are different…you’re an action taker!
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